Conference on financing of political parties and election campaigns  



Minister of Justice, Valdet Xhaferi the Ambassador of the European Union, H.E. Samuel Zbogar and  the President of the State Commission Against Corruption, Mr. Igor Tanturovski, attended the Conference today:  - Advanced methods for monitoring of financing of political parties and election campaigns, organized under the IPA Twinning Project for supporting of effective prevention and combating against corruption.

The main objective of this conference is the effective control over financing of political parties and election campaigns.

Emphasizing the importance of this project, Minister Xhaferi said at this conference :

" With the Law on Financing of Political Parties, the manner and procedure for providing of financial resources, the availability of funding for actual operation and control of financing of political parties is arranged".

Minister Xhaferi also noted that the system for financing of political parties and the election campaign is obliged to follow the standards for combat against corruption.

At the end of this speech, Minister Xhaferi expressed his satisfaction about his participation in this conference and stressed that the Ministry of Justice is always ready to give its contribution and continued support in this process.

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