CEPEJ report for 2016 published  



At the beginning of this month in Paris, the latest CEPEJ - (European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice at the Council of Europe) report was released  about 2016, with  data for 2014.

It contains the main trends on the functioning of the judicial systems in the 45 member states of the Council of Europe. The report provides a detailed picture of the overall judicial systems, while placing special emphasis on the budgets for the functioning of judicial institutions, the situation with the number of judges, prosecutors and lawyers, organization of the judiciary, notaries, bailiffs etc.

This report is a starting point and an important tool for institutions in charge of policy making in the judiciary, as well as for the employees in  this  profession. This Report is followed  by a thematic report on the utilization of information technology in the courts. 

CEPEJ Report


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