Minister Xhaferi at a regular meeting with the Ambassador of France Mr. Christian Timonier  



Minister of Justice Mr. Xhaferi, held a regular meeting with the new Ambassador of France, Mr. Christian Timonier.

At this meeting, Minister Xhaferi and Ambassador Timonier primarily discussed the political situation that was created recently in the country, and also of this meeting was discussed about the elections to be held on December 11, where Xhaferi informed the Ambassador with all actions taken concerning the reform of the Ministry of Justice.

During this meeting it was discussed about the help offered by France to the Republic of Macedonia, especially in terms of the Academy for Judges and Prosecutors, and above all during this meeting the two interlocutors agreed to start preparations for the signing of bilateral agreement between the two countries.

Timonier Ambassador thanked the Minister Xhaferi information regarding the political situation in the country and the legal system, while expressing mutual satisfaction of the continuing cooperation between the two countries.

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