Meeting of the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Macedonia,Mr.Bilen Saljii with the Ambassador of the Great Britain in Skopje,H.E. Charles Garret  



Today, in a friendly atmosphere, I  met  the Ambassador of Great Britain in  Skopje, H.E. Charles Garrett.

 Our conversation started   with expressing my  gratefulness to H.E.. Garret and his government on their contribution to the overall development of the Republic of Macedonia.

At the same time, during this meeting, I have informed the Ambassador about the plan and  the strategy of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and the Ministry of Justice regarding  reforms in the judiciary.

Ambassador Garret was assured that we will work as much as possible on and independent judiciary, beyond the reach of politics, enabling judges and prosecutors to operate freely in accordance with the laws and principles of law.

From  the Ambassador Gareth I received guarantees for support of reforms and all policies that lead to the development of a positive spirit in our society.

The meeting ended with hope for future successful collaborations,  with him, as well as with all those who have the goodwill to enforce  the processes forward.

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