First meeting of the members of the Council for Reform of the judicial sector was held at the Ministry of Justice  



Minister of Justice informed the members of the Council about the activities of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia that are undertaken in the direction of realization of the urgent reform priorities.

Minister also emphasized the role of the Reform Council as an advisory body and its primary task is to discuss the most important decisions on legal issues from the Strategy for reform of the justice sector in the process from its working version, draft version , to its final adoption, as well as to discuss about legal solutions that will be derived from it.

Minister of Justice pointed out the expectations of the Ministry of Justice and emphasized the possibility for the Council to initiate issues, legislative changes, and to define the best practices for overcoming all open problems and dilemmas in the justice sector. Any topic that is considered relevant for judicial reform needs to be actualized and to initiate a debate.

The opinions and guidelines of the Reform Council will be presented to the operational working groups and at the sessions of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia. 

The Minister emphasized that the Council will have a key task in monitoring the activities that will result in the implementation of the Strategy and its Action Plan for the next 5 years. 

After exchanging opinions, and discussing about the current situation, between the members of the Council, the jurisdiction of the Judicial Reform Council on the implementation of the Plan for urgent reform priorities is  delineated and the dynamics for the work of the Council was determined, for which the public will be additionally informed.

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