In the premises of the Ministry of Justice, a Coordinative meeting was held on the Strategy for Reform in the Judiciary Sector  



The meeting was opened and led by Minister of Justice Bilen Saljii, and the address was also given by the Deputy Minister of Justice, Mr. Oliver Ristovski, as well as by the President of the working group for the preparation of the Strategy for reform of the justice sector, Professor Ana Pavlovska-Daneva.

Minister had a brief statement about the Plan 3-6-9 of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia in order to implement the "Urgent Reform Priorities". He noted that the Ministry of Justice is the main carrier of the judicial reform, together with all the stakeholders of the justice system.

He also noted that the purpose of this meeting is the active involvement and participation of all stakeholders in the judiciary in the process of drafting the Strategy. The attendees were informed that within the Ministry of Justice, a working group was established for the preparation of the Strategy for reform of the judicial sector with an Action Plan.

Following the open discussion and discussion of all participants at the meeting, Minister Saljji urged the attendees to give a candid and constructive contribution to the reform, in a way that they can subm all their remarks, suggestions, researches, opinions and attitudes to the working group for drafting the Strategy in the Ministry For justice.

The Minister emphasized his expectation for successful cooperation and successful outcome f or all stakeholders in the justice sector.

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