Public presentation of the Draft Strategy for reform of the judicial sector with the Action Plan for the period 2017-2021  



 The working group for drafting the Judicial Reform Strategy for the justice sector within the Ministry of Justice held a working meeting in Ohrid, where the Draft Strategy for reform of the judicial sector with the Action Plan was presented.

"The government has a firm decision and a political consensus for decisive reforms in the judiciary in order to restore citizens' trust in the justice system, to improve access to justice for all citizens, complete rule of law and install the meritocracy in this sector," emphasized Minister of Justice Bilen Saljii during his address to the media.

For that purpose, he sent an invitation to the parties, especially to those from the opposition, to provide support in the process of preparation and adoption of all future legal projects arising from this draft Strategy, which are exclusively in the interest of the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia.

Deputy Minister of Justice, Oliver Ristovski addressed the meeting, and he particularly addressed the way in which the process of drafting of this Draft Strategy took place. He emphasized the importance of the inclusiveness of the expert team and the general public in the process of creating the Draft Strategy and pointed out the commitment for full transparency towards the public in the following period.

"So far, this is still a draft, we will continue to respect our commitment for full openness towards the public in the forthcoming period. Firstly, this Strategy together with the Action Plan will be published fully on the Ministry's website as well as on the Unique National Electronic Register (ENER), which has not been a practice so far. Over the next twenty days, the whole public will be able to read, analyze and make their own suggestions on this important document. Once we have processed these suggestions, it will enter a government procedure, but the principle of inclusiveness does not end here. From this Strategy, many legal solutions will arise, the most important of which are key systemic laws such as: Law on Courts, Law on Public Prosecution Office, Law on Judicial Council, Law on Council of Public Prosecutors ", said Deputy Minister of Justice, Oliver Ristovski.

At the meeting, the President of the Working Group, Prof. PhD. Ana Pavlovska-Daneva presented the essence of the Draft Strategy, highlighting the key and concrete guidelines for reforming the justice sector. Independence and impartiality, improvement of the quality of the institutions that make up the justice sector, accountability, efficiency and transparency were listed as guiding principles in the creation of this strategic document.

"At the end, I emphasize that it is impossible to briefly explain all the measures provided for in this document, therefore I urge you to review it, read it and analyze it, and in the forthcoming period, the Working Group will be available to hear it, and where appropriate, to implement the possible suggestions of the general public "- said Prof. PhD. Ana Pavlovska - Daneva.

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