Minister of Justice Saljii at the International Court Workshop in Ohrid  



 Today, the Minister of Justice, Bilen Saljii, participated in the International Court Workshop titled "Strengthening judicial independence and transparency through the review of judicial accountability" organized by the Association of Judges of the Republic of Macedonia in cooperation with the Embassy of the United States of America in
Republic of Macedonia and CEELI Institute from Prague, Czech Republic. At the workshop held in Ohrid, Minister Saljii as a lecturer spoke at the thematic session titled "Providing fair and transparent mechanisms for the responsibility of judges as a presumption of independence in free judicial decision-making". Within the session, besides minister Saljii, presentations were made by judges from Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, as well as a legal adviser from the US Embassy in Macedonia and a representative from the Supreme Court in Massachusetts.
In his speech, Minister Saljii addressed not the activities undertaken by the Ministry of Justice in the direction of establishing an independent, efficient and independent judicial system in Macedonia, resisting political pressure or any political involvement in the judiciary.

"As a ministry of justice, we want to create conditions, of course, as much as our position as a part of the executive power allows us, the judges really feel their independence from politics. This requires political will, but also the creation of normative conditions "- said Minister Saljii.

The focus of the lecture was put on the Judicial Sector Reform Strategy as a document that defines the strategic directions and activities on which the justice system in Macedonia should be based.
"The goals we have established within this strategic document are clear: independence of the judiciary, responsibility for work, quality, efficiency and transparency", emphasized Minister Saljii. Furthermore, the lecture elaborated in detail the stated objectives, including the mechanisms through which they should be implemented.

Minister Salji said in his lecture, among other things, on the novelties for which the expert, domestic and international public are unanimous, which should lead to creation of conditions for greater independence and impartiality of judges in their free judicial decision-making:

· Termination of the existence of the fact-finding council.

· Transparent disciplinary procedure for the responsibility of judges within the Judicial Council and an opportunity against the decisions of the Judicial Council for disciplinary responsibility of a judge to appeal to a special council at the Supreme Court of the Republic of Macedonia.

· De-professionalization of judges as members of the Judicial Council of the Republic of Macedonia.

· Control by the Ministry of Justice, as well as auditing by independent auditors on the correct and consistent automatic distribution of court cases without the possibility of external or internal impacts.

At the end of his speech, Minister Salji said that the Ministry of Justice remains open for cooperation with the Association of Judges and in the future, while maintaining the level of equal partners with the same goal: increasing the independence and efficiency of the judicial system and raising the citizens' confidence in institutions of the judiciary.

 "I expect the Association of Judges to be a strong and significant corrective to our work, but also to the work of all judicial authorities and authorities in the country," Minister Salji said at the end of his speech.
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