Minister of Justice, Saljii, Attended the Promotion of the Matrix for Measuring Performance in the Judiciary  




Saliyi: Not only the realization of activities but the evaluation of the work will be the roadmap to fulfill the ultimate goal: an independent, efficient and credible justice system.


Minister  of Justice , Bilen Saljii , addressed the event dedicated to the Promotion of the Matrix for measuring the performance in the judiciary in the Republic of Macedonia, which was prepared in accordance with the Memorandum for Understanding between the Ministry of Justice, the British Embassy and the Center for Legal Research and Analysis from 2016. This tool is prepared on the basis of comparative analyzes of the mechanisms for measuring judicial reforms in the European countries, as well as international standards according to the CEPEJ and the EU Justice Scoreboard.


Besides the Minister Saliii, the British Ambassador to the Republic of Macedonia,  H.E. Charles Gareth and the President of the Center, Lidija Stojkova Zafirovska, addressed the event.


At the beginning of his address, Minister Saljii pointed out to  the significance of the Matrix because its creation is a measure through which the fulfillment of the goals envisaged in the Strategy for reform of the judicial sector with the Action Plan will be evaluated.


"In the Action Plan, in accordance with the established need for internal and external coordination of the institutions and the civil sector, we defined the goal - strategic planning and policy making, which will be achieved through the strategic direction - coordination of the reform in the justice sector. One of the key activities in this direction was the creation of the Matrix in cooperation with the civil sector and scientific institutions, " said Minister Saljii. He further emphasized that with this move, for the first time in the judiciary in Macedonia, will be enabled  systematic assessment of the reforms on the basis of measurable and clear criteria, which will be an indication that we are moving in the right and desired direction.


"In the end, I assure you that the Ministry of Justice firmly remains on the intention to implement the reform activities in the judiciary. But not only realization, but also an evaluation of the work that will be a signpost to the fulfillment of the ultimate goal:  in order the Republic of Macedonia to have an independent, efficient and credible judicial system that will develop parallel  with the European systems ", concluded Minister Saljii.


 The British Ambasador, H.E. Gareth stressed that the Matrix will help to improve the quality of the work of the justice system,  it will contribute to fair and efficient work of the courts, and will help to identify the way to improve the legal system in Macedonia , and allow a unified approach in the application the laws.


 In this direction, the President of the Center,  Zafirovska,  emphasized the importance of the Matrix as a necessary one, because so far there was no evaluation of the work done and there shoud be a way  of finding how to improve things.

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