Debate on the legal and institutional framework for the electoral system  



At  the Ministry of Justice , today the first open debate was held between representatives of state institutions involved in the election process, representatives from the civil sector that monitors the elections, the political parties in Macedonia, as well as relevant international organizations in the field. Within the framework of the debate scheduled under Government Plan 3-6-9, the legal and institutional framework for the electoral system was discussed, taking into account the recommendations of the OSCE / ODIHR from the early parliamentary elections held in 2016 and the preliminary  report from the recent local elections, as well as the opinion of the OSCE / ODIHR and the Venice Commission for the Electoral Code from 2016.   

"The need to open a debate on the electoral system is to hear the views and opinions of all relevant factors in relation to directions and recommendations of the OSCE / ODIHR and the Venice Commission, to consider the need for possible interventions in the Electoral Code by incorporating the obtained recommendations and of course , to take into account the opinions and suggestions of the domestic organizations that observe the elections. The main goal is to improve the election regulations by finding a solution to the open issues of the last parliamentary and local elections, but only on an inclusive basis. Therefore, I emphasize that the presence of all political parties, especially from the parliamentary opposition, is of great importance, in order to be able to upgrade the electoral system together and contribute to strengthening  of the credibility of the election process, "said Minister of Justice,  Bilen Saljii.


During the discussion, the participants opened the questions about the internal position of the State Election Commission, the voting of the Diaspora, the updating of the Voters List, the personal documentation of the persons in the penitentiary  institutions, the election model and the significance and possibilities for existence of open lists, the system of objections.



All attendees welcomed the idea of ​​launching a discussion on the electoral system, emphasizing that constructiveness, inclusiveness and rationality in this phase, that  will lead Macedonia on a good path towards approximation to European values ​​and standards, an important step before obtaining the EC Progress Report on Macedonia . For this purpose, the need  for more frequent discussions with all stakeholders in the process that will lead to concrete solutions,  is imposed as a necessity.
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