Reforms of the Ministry of Justice according to Plan 3-6-9  



Today, at the premises of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, a meeting was held between the EU Ambassadors and the high representatives of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.

The dynamics of the activities envisaged in the  Plan 3-6-9 was  the central topic of the participants' discussions. The Minister of Justice, Bilen Saliji, was also a participant of the panel discussion  , as the head of the one of the most sensitive government institutions and аs a participant in the most important processes for the country's Euro integration. In his speech, Minister Salji said, among other things: "One of the key reforms we have worked on over the past period is the Strategy for Reform of the Judicial sector with the Action Plan for 2017-2022, in which measures and activities for establishment of independent , a credible and professional judiciary system in the Republic of Macedonia. The Strategy, as a comprehensive and detailed document, presents a roadmap for moving reforms in the judicial sector.

The principles on which the Strategy is based are independence and impartiality, especially with regard to the selection, evaluation and dismissal of judges and public prosecutors, based on objective and measurable criteria, independent and sustainable judicial budget, improvement of the working conditions of judges and judicial officers, elimination of the possibility of abuse in the electronic distribution of court cases ".

He also expressed his determination to continue work in accordance with the recommendations of the European Commission, the Venice Commission and GRECO, as well as the recommendations of the Group of Senior Experts on the Rule of Law.

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