Anti-corruption conference to tackle challenges in EU enlargement and neighbourhood countries, 15 June 2009, Ohrid, Macedonia  



Transparency International (TI), the civil society organisation leading the fight against corruption, in cooperation with the Government of Macedonia, is convening its sixth annual Europe and Central Asia regional meeting in Ohrid, Macedonia. The public opening conference will provide innovative perspectives on some of the most pressing challenges faced by EU enlargement and neighbourhood countries, including EU accession and anti-corruption reforms, corruption and economic development, and money laundering and tax havens.

The conference brings together diverse and distinguished participants from more than 45 countries, including representatives from the public and private sectors, experts, activists, and civil society. Notable speakers will include:

  • Nikola Gruevski, Prime Minister, Macedonia

  • Mihajlo Manevski, Minister of Justice, Macedonia

  • Cobus de Swardt, Managing Director, Transparency International

  • Dragos Kos, Head of Group of States against Corruption (GRECO)

  • Wolfgang Hetzer, Advisor Anti-Corruption, European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF)

  • Alan Rousso, Director for Strategy and Analysis, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

  • Andrei Illarionov, Senior Fellow, Cato Institute

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