Secretary of State

Date of birth: 11.11.1979

Place of birth: Skopje, the Republic of Macedonia

Nationality: Albanian

E-mail: ZulfiAdili@mjustice.gov.mk


• 1999-2007: State University in Tetovo; Faculty of Law ,

• 1994-1998: Gymnasium "Zef Ljush Marku" - Skopje


2014 - 2016: MP in the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia

2011 - 2014: Director General at the Crisis Management Center

2008 - 2011: Deputy Director of the Center for Crisis Management

2003 -2006: Advisor to the Deputy Minister of the Interior

2007 - 2008: Advisor to the Mayor of the Municipality of Studenichani


2001 - Member of the General headquarters   of the National Liberation Army

2002 - Founder and  a  member of the Association of Veterans of the National Liberation Army

2002 - Political activities related to coordination of the Coordinating Council between the political parties PDP, DPA, NDP and NLA (ONA),

2002 - Founder and a  member of the General Council of the Democratic Union for Integration

2003 - UNDP Leadership Courses

2015 - Founder and Vice President of the Political Party "Uniteti"

2016 - A member of the Alliance for Albanians

2017 - State Secretary at  the Ministry of Justice


Computer skills: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, Macromedia Dreamweaver, etc.

Social skills: Collaboration and communication in a multicultural environment

Organizational skills: management skills and leadership


• Albanian (native);

• Macedonian, fluent

• Croatian, fluent

• English, good










  Organization of the Ministry

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